Dr. Stephen Bournés
 Chief Academic Officer
Montgomery Public Schools (AL)

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Dr. Stephen Bournés began teaching in 1994 in the Evanston Township (Illinois) High School. He later became a standards leader and instructional coach at the school. In 2007, Dr. Bournés became an assistant principal in the Chicago Public School District and in 2011 was named principal of Mayo Elementary School. Two years later, he moved to Camden City Schools and became the turnaround principal for Cooper’s Poynt Family School. Under his leadership, Cooper’s Poynt experienced academic growth in the double digits, and the school rating rose from Underperforming to Making Progress.

Dr. Bournés earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Northwestern University, a Masters in Educational Leadership from National Louis University and an Ed.D. from the University of Pennsylvania where he conducted research on effective and evidence-based central office supports to turnaround schools. Additionally, Dr. Bournés is a frequent presenter at local and national conferences with expertise in standards-based instruction, curriculum, and literacy.